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Automated vehicles are already here, including various pilots with delivery robots, autonomous transit vehicles, and an increasing number of automated features on privately-owned cars. Even though the required technologies are still under development, these kinds of features and pilots already push the boundaries and impact our streets and mobility solutions. As of yet, policymakers, industry and users alike struggle to fully catch up to these ongoing changes in this technology evolution.

How can we shape our co-existence with these technologies to be safe, sustainable, and comfortable? How should these technologies respond to us as users? What impact should these technologies have on inclusivity? What makes these technologies socially desirable, and what (justly) hinders their acceptance? How can we effectively regulate these systems?

Within the Automated Mobility lab, we are fascinated by these questions and the role of design in answering them; from meaningfully mapping the context, to designing aesthetic concepts, to thorough evaluations. We function as a hub for various researchers working on this topic and have connections to various stakeholders in industry and regulatory organisations.

Interested? Want to know more? Would you like to graduate with us? We have listed various graduation opportunities, but are also open for a more open-ended chat to jointly find opportunities. So if you are interested, you are most welcome to reach out to us!

Automated Mobility Team

Automated Mobility Team