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In this project, you will develop an e-health app where cancer patients (precisely: patients who have been operated on for colorectal carcinoma) can track their bio data and psychological well-being at home. Additionally, educational material will be accessible in this tool. Previous projects have mapped out the user’s needs and the design opportunities within this context. This project will focus on the UX/UI of the tool. This will be done via an iterative prototyping process, where the design decisions will be grounded with user tests.

Are you passionate about Medesign? Do you want to gain hands-on experience with UX/UI development and create a tool that, if successful, will be implemented to support cancer patients? Are you interested in working with an interdisciplinary team of TU Delft and Erasmus MC researchers/supervisors? This could be an excellent opportunity for you.

Project Background

This project will be part of a large research project called the PROMISE. The PROMISE is centered around home health monitoring for cancer patients, which leads to a feedback platform for patients after curative treatment for colorectal carcinoma. With multiple regional hospitals collaborating, additionally to Erasmus MC, we hope to improve patients’ lives positively. A successful end-product of this master’s project will be implemented within the PROMISE study and, in the long term, possibly in standard practice.


The project is a collaboration between Erasmus Medical Center and Technical University Delft. Supervision will be provided by a designated supervisor from both Erasmus MC and TU Delft.

Lab Director
Jacky Bourgeois