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Most important tasks

Lely has a portfolio of robots for farms worldwide, we deliver a robot workforce for farmers which perform a various range of tasks on these farms. But when you deliver a workforce should they not have some code of conduct? Robots of course comply to regulations and Asimovs rules but should there not be more?

Lely employees have a way of working and we have ways of behaving and a company culture that go beyond regulations but what about robots? Help us create a behavior code, an interaction set which make our robots nicer to work with and create design patterns for human robot interaction.

During this thesis you will start leading your own research. The goal is to create a set of interaction guidelines that will define how are robots interact with humans. These guidelines should help our product and software developers when faced with choices regarding interaction and product design. There is also room for personal interpretation during the research.

Main deliverable

Lely distinguishes herself by offering a state of the art user experience in a professional environment. The objective is to set guidelines for a uniform product experience to help future product developments.

The main questions that will have to be answered are:

  1. Define the vision of Lely’s usability ecosystem
  2. What robot behaviors match Lely’s identity and how do they relate to the customers?
  3. Translate this in a cross-platform handbook with requirements for product development

During the internship you will find more questions, you also have plenty of room to investigate these further.

You will do your internship in the User Experience & Human Robot Interaction (UX&HRI) competence center within the product development department in close collaboration with the product management department. More than 300 people work at these departments, from engineers to product specialists. With this group, we design our robots and we design the next farming innovations: we are building the farm of the future.

Further information

  • It is a graduation internship
  • The start date is September or October.
  • The duration of the internship will be 3 to 6 months.
  • You are available between 32 and 40 hours per week.


We offer

An instructive and crazy experience at an international company that is driven by innovation. If you have questions, you can always contact one of your colleagues who are as passionate about his / her field as you are.

Furthermore, we offer you:

  • € 400, – internship allowance per month.
  • Own barista, which makes the tastiest cappuccinos.
  • Possibly an apartment if the travel time is too long.

After your internship and study, there may be more opportunities within Lely.


  • You follow a bachelor or master education that fits the assignment.
  • You are interested in interaction and robots.
  • You would like to lead your own research.
  • You are flexible, independent and show a lot of own initiative

Do you fit the above mentioned point? Then go to!

Lely is an innovative company, which is active in the agri sector. Improving the life of the farmer is what we are striving for. We do this by the means of creating innovative (robot) solutions. Lely farmers are the first entrepreneurs who manage more robots than human employees. This is your opportunity to leave your mark on the relationship between animal welfare, human, nature and robot!