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Until food became abundant and readily available, food waste was negligible in the Netherlands. People in rural areas had ‘living recycling bins’ such as pigs and chickens and in more urban settings someone collected scraps to be used as livestock feed. With the decline in viability, legislation prohibiting such practices and the overproduction of food, wasting food has become commonplace.

As of now, food is often thrown away in many households. By prolonging the period that food can be used and by helping consumers use up what they have bought, the amount of wasted food could be reduced. Techniques to do so have unfortunately largely been forgotten, fallen into disuse or are unfamiliar to households. As the very same techniques are resurfacing in niche markets (e.g. fermentation), the opportunity is here to facilitate (re)introduction of these techniques in households. The challenge will be in adapting and implementing these techniques to fit contemporary multi-person households.

Project coaches: Rick Schifferstein, Sacha Silvester