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The food industry is moving and the way we produce and see food is changing. This creates new opportunities and roles in the ecosystem of food production. The New Farm recognises the challenge and they want to create a network of partners who want to take action. They do so by connecting different partners and institutions to make great ideas blossom and create a supportive community.

The New Farm aims to set up an innovative community for shaping the future of food, but they currently lack experience in this area. Furthermore, the situation is complex with many different parties and they will have to take into account their diverse needs. Only when this is done effectively can the network operate productively and enhance each members current activities. There are still many challenges to overcome, for example shaping the way of working and designing general guidelines. Trust is another important factor which will take away doubts and create a safe haven to experiment with other parties. The goals will be easier to achieve if you design structure and use design methods to support the process of initiation. The set course is to shape this network organically, but the context will benefit and take away obstacles if it is deliberately designed. The goal is to build the fundamentals for an innovative community with the focus on shaping the future of food.

Project coaches: Christine de Lille and Jan Konietzko