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A public transport network has the potential to enhance the environment in which people live, work and relax. In a part of The Netherlands called the Randstad there is Randstadnet (R-net), which is a high quality public transport network. R-net is a collaboration between different authorities and operators and acts as a quality mark. Together they thrive to increase and maintain the accessibility within the Randstad.

The authorities are self-responsible for including R-net at the public transport concessions. However, they are not uniformly strict on the requirements of ‘high quality’ public transport. They seem to put their own interests above the collective interests of R-net. This could be harmful for the brand of R-net, because they cannot provide the same promise of high quality which in turn creates a confusing situation for the traveller. Furthermore, the traveller seems not to be aware what R-net is and stands for.

This project is about aligning the stakeholders again with the help of a design vision for 2040 for a high quality public transport network in the Randstad, based on the needs of the traveller. Also, it will include a strategy which explains how to reach that vision.

Name: Amber van der Gulik
Master: Strategic Product Design
Supervisory Team: Dr. ir. Suzanne Hiemstra-van Mastrigt, Dr. Ir. Sylvia Mooij

Graduation project