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Zero Emission Fuels (ZEF) is a start-up company, developing a solar powered methanol synthesis device. This can be visualized as a field of solar panels, with per single, or few, panels a methanol synthesis micro-plant. This micro-plant fans air through an adsorption chamber where carbon dioxide and water are adsorbed. These molecules serve as feed stock for the methanol production. The methanol dripping out can be used as for example car fuel. With this technology carbon neutral- and sustainable methanol could be produced.


Aim of the project

ZEF is intensively developing the different subsystems needed for the micro-plant, my aim is to make a conceptual integration design of the subsystems. As all subsystems are still in development, there is no ‘straightforward’ integration approach. I am continuously in conversation with colleagues to define the systems boundaries. Where most teams take a deep dive in the current concepts and technology, I will take a step back to conceptually research whether the current decisions made per subsystem, are also the most promising for an integrated design. My goal is to make a methanol micro-plant integration concept, that is elaborated on efficiency, costs-value ratios and general integration demands. I will use these results to formulate guidelines that can be used for next iterations of the methanol synthesis micro-plant.