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A lot of these patients are not aware that they have Atrial Fibrillation (AF), which is dangerous due to the high risk of a stroke or development of heart failure.

AF is a progressive disease that starts with short episodes and eventually develops into a permanent state of AF. The best way to prevent this is to detect AF at an early stage. The problem now is that the current detection systems only can measure for 48 hours continuously. Increasing the chance to miss an episode of AF and making the diagnosis. This is where AFI comes in.

AFI is an unobtrusive, long-term measuring device which the user places on their arm for a more extended period. AFI would allow doctors to monitor patients at risk for a more extended period and hopefully, prevent a stroke!

More info about the project can be found here
And a movie about the project can be found here!

Name: Leonard Moonen
Partners: Philips, Hartstichting
Mentors: Maaike Kleinsmann, Dirk Snelders
Master: Integrated Product Design

CardioLab Graduate