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Globally there are different tariff systems in use for the public transportation markets. In the Netherlands the tariffs are composed of a kilometre tariff and a starting rate, this starting rate is a fixed price and the kilometre tariff is determined per region. However, in for instance Helsinki they use a zone system and in South Tirol they have a kilometre tariff which decreases when you travel more during the year. This research project aims to explore these different tariff systems and to identify their characteristics from a user perspective. The results of this research will be used as input for a design graduation project which will explore a new and simplified tariff system for the Dutch public transport system.


During this research a combination is made between literature, desk research and field studies. Besides the tariff system in the Netherlands a total of four systems are explored. A fixed price system (Antwerp), A zone system (Helsinki), a capping system (London) and a combination of kilometre and capping system (South Tirol). These explorations contain auto-ethnographic research, observations and interviews with users and an online questionnaire. After analysing all the data, the insights are gathered as input for a proposal of a new tariff system in the Netherlands.

Name: Eva Taylor Parkins
Master: Strategic Product Design
Supervisory Team: Dr. ir. Suzanne Hiemstra-van Mastrigt, Ir. Claudia Spaargaren
Partners: Translink, DOVA, CROW, 9292, GVB, RET, Rover

Research Elective