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Graduation project that addressed the recovery process of the geriatric patient through the development of a product-service that reduces the stress and uncertainty of the nurse while improving the recovery of the patient. An animation of the concept..


Geriatric patients often suffer challenges such as physical and mental impairments, and three or more medical problems that hinder their capability to lead a full and active life.

Together with Geriatrische Klinik St. Gallen AG, Companion was designed. It’s a monitoring system for safety, health and mobility that enhances the connection between the Health Care Professional (HCP) and the patient. As their relation grows, so does the confidence of the patient in the HCP and him/herself, encouraging the patient to move around by him/herself.

How it works..

If the patient has an incident such as falling, Companion automatically informs the HCP. The patient’s and HCP’s bands generate audio (only HCP band), visual and haptic stimuli to guide them through this experience. It is relaxing and enhancing hope to the patient, as well generating a quick and accurate response of the HCP.

Companion continuously monitors the patient SpO2, RR, HR movement and location to evaluate whether the patient needs help from the HCP or not. The data is combined with the medical profile of the patient to evaluate more accurately him/her. Additionally the data can be used to monitor the activity and health of the patient.

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