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Facilitate creative confidence by emphasising organisation’s cultural values!

Creativity is crucial in today’s organisations and workplaces, but not everyone feels confident expressing their creative ideas and behaving creatively. This confidence gap could be greatly influenced by the organisation’s creative culture. Yilin had conducted his Master thesis project with the case studies of the innovation project teams from Rabobank and PostNL. He mapped out the creative cultures of the two companies and proposed a design intervention to foster creative confidence.


The key creative cultural values of Rabobank and PostNL were identified as ‘high hierarchy’ (high power division), ‘past’ (respect for the traditional way of working), ‘together’ (value group collaborations), ‘achievement’ (drive for achievement and success), and ‘duty’ (adherence to rules). To help the innovation coaches/managers boost the creative confidence of the people they coach (the “coachees”), “CreatOrg workshop” was created to enhance the coachees’ sensitivity to the cultural value of ‘care’ (support and care for each other) and ‘fun’ (open and improvisational). It facilitates reflective discussions between coaches and coachees about their past coaching or workshop experiences, inspiring them to generate ideas that foster creative confidence for future activities.


The workshop’s insights on leveraging creative cultural values to enhance creative confidence can benefit not only Rabobank and PostNL, but also other similar organisations, creative facilitators, and educators.

For more information about the project and the details of the workshop, please check out the repository: