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The concept of value-based health care proposes a paradigm shift where we move from organizing care based on volume to value. Longitudinal and systematic measuring and sharing of health data is essential to be able to track outcomes and improve clinical care accordingly. For this, patient self-care supported by eHealth services is becoming increasingly important where the role of the patient shifts from being a ‘care user’ to a ‘care contributor’. DataDonor, is a digital environment which consists of an informative website regarding the value of health data and a module that can be added to existing telemonitoring services to share health data for research.

More info about the project can be found here

Name: Joris Hens
Collaborators: Deloitte, Frisian Health Campus
Mentors: Jeroen van Erp, Maaike Kleinsmann
Master: Strategic Product Design

CardioLab Related Graduate