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This project is an inquiry into design for mind-wandering experiences. The project has applied a blend of Introspective Design, Research through Design and Co-creation methods to gather a nuanced understanding of mind-wandering experiments. The scope of the project is situated on the overlap of six dimensions that allowed us to form a fruitful stance. The project focused on individual creativity of novice designers, who are working from home. The proposed design solution is a product that will support a deliberate mind-wandering break of novice designers with homogenisation of perceptual information. The proposed design concept focuses on providing low variability organic change of visual information to create homogenisation of visual sensory information. The project provides arguments for conceptual understanding of the effect of homogenisation breaks to support deliberate mind-wandering.

The proposed design was a result of the insights gathered throughout four phases of the project: theory research, context research, co-creation, and research through Design. The effect of the product on creativity was measured with a predictor of creative performance—self-efficacy.