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About the project

The process of policymaking is inherently complex, and even more so in the context of a forensic psychiatric centre. There are many stakeholder interests to manage, both internally and externally. Policy-makers of this centre are confronted with complex challenges and a multitude of perspectives that have to be considered when making policy decisions. However, the current process of policymaking is not yet suited for this. This project will explore the potential of (systemic) design principles in this context, as a means to deal with complex issues that arise in the process of policymaking. It begins with visualizing the system in which policymaking is situated, through GIGAMapping with stakeholders. From this map, intervention opportunities can be identified for improvement of the process. This intervention will be further explored, developed and validated with stakeholders of the system.


Project team

Marloes van Dijk
Dr. ir. Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer and Ir. Willemijn Brouwer
Forensic Psychiatric Centre (TBS clinic)