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The Foodtrick system can assist a hotel to manage food offering more efficiently and effectively. Now, targeting at the business market (B2B), Foodtrick wishes to persuade existing catering suppliers or general enterprises to utilize Foodtrick. However, to adopt a new food service system is a complex process. Furthermore, the negative associations towards frozen food can hinder new clients to participate. Currently, Foodtrick does not have a clear proposition and strategy to convey its value. 

This project investigates approaches that can help convince prospects to engage with Foodtrick. Since each food provision location operates in different environments and serves various customers, it is a major issue to identify the potential market of Foodtrick. For each prospect, how can we trigger and persuade them to participate? How can we reshape their perception of frozen food? How can we assist them in adapting to Foodtrick? These are the questions we need to answer.

Project coaches: Rick Schifferstein and Pinar Cankurtaran

Partner: WeDesignFood