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Most students participate in the lab through graduation projects. Generally, there are hardly any or no ready-made graduation opportunities available. If projects are available they will be communicated via the Facebook groups of the Faculty or the Master programs, as well as via the graduation-opportunities database of the Faculty.

The lab regularly formulates graduation projects based on its research program and vision.

In other cases graduation projects come about by students asking the lab director for opportunities within the lab. The general procedure then is that in a meeting the interests of the students are discussed. Based on that, museums that may possibly match those interests are approached to discuss opportunities for a graduation project and to then together formulate a design brief.

If you are interested in doing a project in the lab, feel free to get in touch with a lab co-director.

Graduation projects


  • Marit van Grinsven (Green Kids’Museum, Kenya, 2022)
  • Mustafa Chajid (Henri Baudet Institute, 2022)
  • Kati de Jong (Kunstmuseum Den Haag, 2022)



  • Ellis Bot (Maritiem Museum, 2021)
  • Josephine de Vries (Chabot museum, 2021)
  • Judith Kress (Dachau Memorial, 2021)
  • Thomas Imhoff (Museon, 2021)
  • Yuan Gong (van Goghmuseum, 2021)
  • Meysa Boers (Sherlocked, 2021)
  • Poornashri Kandade (Werkplaats Immaterieel Erfgoed, 2021)



  • Cesar Lucho Lingan (Embassy of Peru, 2020)
  • Pattrasuda Parton (Cube Design Museum, 2020)
  • Yingzhu Yao (Accenture/Liquid Studio, 2020)
  • Marisa Vrijdag (Mauritshuis, 2020)
  • Shreya Padmasola (Museon, 2020)
  • Chenhui Peng (Catherijneconvent, 2020)
  • Liangyi Li (Catherijneconvent, 2020)
  • Emma Hoogenboezem (Nederlands Fotomuseum, 2020)
  • Bingyan Ding (van Goghmuseum, 2020)



  • Evy Düsman (Beeld en Geluid, 2019)
  • Marijn van Bekkum (Museumship Bonaire, 2019)
  • Xiaomin Li (JoraVision, 2019)
  • Anna Koolen (Museon, 2019)
  • Irene van Houten (Museum Prinsenhof, 2019)
  • Haoyung Chang (NEMO, Waag Society, 2019)
  • Hester de Bliek (Rijksmuseum, 2019)
  • Lynn Potters (van Goghmuseum, 2019)
  • Maud Verheij (van Goghmuseum, 2019)
  • Ziyi Zhang (van Goghmuseum, 2019)



  • Mees Daalder (Museum Prinsenhof Delft; Mojo Concerts, 2018)
  • Jord de Kat Angelino (Museum Prinsenhof Delft; Mojo Concerts, 2018)
  • Maaike Min (Museum Prinsenhof Delft; Mojo Concerts, 2018)
  • Thijs Kurpershoek (Museum Prinsenhof Delft; Mojo Concerts, 2018)
  • Carlijn Kuijpers (Museum Prinsenhof Delft; Mojo Concerts, 2018)
  • Simone de Jong (Museumvereniging, Museum Prinsenhof Delft, Science Centre Delft, 2018)
  • Jette Stuijt (Science Centre Delft, 2018)
  • Coen Mulder (van Goghmuseum, 2018)
  • Nadège Heyligar (Curacao Tourist Board, 2018)
  • Joost Overbeek (CapGemini, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Rietveld Schröderhuis foundation, 2018)



  • Congxi Su (Océ Company museum, 2017)
  • Meng Xu (Océ Company museum, 2017)
  • Niels van Hamersveld (Museon/IN10-DOOR, 2017)
  • Ziran Chin-On (NAAM foundation Bonaire, 2017)
  • Daniela Passa (Museum Prinsenhof Delft, Tellart, Maakbaar, 2017)
  • Malou Kortleve (Rijsmuseum, 2017)
  • Jens de Groot (Science Centre Delft, 2017)
  • Lisanne Aardoom (van Abbe museum, 2017)
  • Seven Shao (internal, 2017)



  • Joy Merken (Erfgoedhuis-ZH, BUAS Breda, 2016)
  • Rik van der Laan (Erfgoedhuis-ZH, ErfgoedBrabant, BUAS Breda, 2016)
  • Robbert Feunekes (Erfgoedhuis-ZH, BUAS Breda, 2016)



  • Chenchen Shen (Europeana, 2015)
  • Cindy Shih (Mauritshuis, 2015)
  • Sophie Crull (Museon, 2015)


We ask students in the lab to conclude their projects with a project video. Below some videos produced by students.

Subscribe to the Youtube channel MuseumFutureslab to get updates about new videos.

Improving Visitor Flow at the van Gogh museum – towards a better experience, by Coen Mulder (with van Gogh Museum)


A New Art Experience with 3D printed art replicas by Jette Stuyt (with Science Centre Delft)


Project Pench by Daniela Passa (with Museum Prinsenhof Delft, Maakbaar and Tellart)

Project Art Valise by Lisanne Aardoom (with van Abbemuseum)

Project Living Proof! by Niels van Hamersveld (with Museon and IN10/DOOR)

Project Experience the history of Océ printing – by Meng Xu (with Océ company)

This video illustrates how visitors can experience the old way of copying/printing with the old devices and feel the improvements personally. These improvements are the proof of Océ’s growth from the product users’ perspective. Visitors will feel involved in the company development through these first-hand experience.

Project Museo Passangrahan – designing for the culutral heritage of Bonaire – by Ziran Chin-On



Project team

Dr. ir. Arnold Vermeeren
Dr. ir. Willemijn Elkhuizen