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The overall research objective is to investigate how a holistic product experience can be defined and leveraged to bridge the gap between advanced technologies and industrial product development. The consumer experience of laundry & home care products is a very complex & multifaceted phenomenon consisting of multiple smaller experiences. With an deeper understanding of such it might be possible to come from an agglomeration of single experiences towards a more comprehensive ‘holistic experience definition’. This holistic definition will allow to broaden the development goals of innovation teams beyond feasibility, functionality & usability. Doing so requires also a new, more comprehensive approach to product design & development itself, going beyond traditional functional/ discipline driven organization. The research will be carried out in a collaboration between Henkel and TUD-IDE. It will strongly link design & emotion with innovation management and will mutually enrich the science field as the business application through own practice investigation. The insights will allow a more holistic view on product development and help to bridge gaps not only between development teams but also disciplines.


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