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Is a design practice that re-envisions urban
development concerned with the interrelatedness
of social and technical aspects, to explore
a future path for city-making.

In Short :
Sen Lin proposed 3 types of cities then he developed one of his concepts called “Wehicle”. He also made Cityness model to open up space about how cityness can be amplified in enacting

His project is in the context of SPD (Strategic Product Design). The project is a design fictional future of mobility service.

The following paragraphs will introduce his main findings

A Political Compass of three future cities

Three future cities are created to show new realities in urban development with narratives and concepts.

Cityness : A Representative of Urban Qualities

Simply, cityness fathoms the pleasantness of urban lives and the responsiveness of urban construction, and illustrates the co-performance between them for sustained improvement. This way, cityness becomes a representative of the urban qualities that a city holds.

The mechanism behind Wehicle 2.0

Through development, people upgraded their skills and mindset; technology is becoming open and supportive. Wehicle 2.0 is one of the results from such evolvement. It introduces an open modular system for generating vehicles on a Commons platform. Wehicle 2.0 leverages smart manufacture and open hardware for building a networked environment, where people can together make and enjoy their contribution. And this brings about inclusive and adaptable urban mobility.

The master thesis can be found in the university repository of the Delft University of Technology.