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A creative session is a lot more than a session of generating ideas. It’s part of a much larger goal of delivering innovation in a company. It is necessary to get everyone on board and motivated. And when the motivation levels reached, then beautiful things can happen. In order to achieve a certain motivation level, It’s imperative that people feel the engagement during the creative session. Being engaged in the creative session is not just about paying attention. With positive emotions, people would stimulate themselves to put more effort and energy which formulates a positive loop. And game is the main media as the fun-generator. There is a huge opportunity that puts the game experience to the creative session to explore and examine business challenges, to improve collaboration, and to generate novel insights about the way the world works and what kinds of possibilities we may find there in a playful way.With the collaboration of the serious game company &RANJ, the graduation project focus on developing a toolkit for the creative session based on gamification methodology to stimulate engagement of participants. And eventually, HomeTree – a gamified toolkit that includes four sequent mini-game challenges within a complete story to support participants with diverse backgrounds to get committed to the creative session process in a playful and tangible manner is designed to fufill the project objective.


Project team

Zhe Duan
Han Van der Meer , Simon Tiemersma and Ir. Katrina Heijne