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The project ‘Parels van Drenthe’ (Pearls of Drenthe) is a project initiated by the libraries in the province of Drenthe and which aims at making the inhabitants of Drenthe proud of their cultural heritage.

Parels van Drenthe

In the project inhabitants from twelve municipalities in Drenthe will search for a specific ‘pearl’ from their cultural heritage. Around these pearls experiences will need to be designed using state-of-the-art technologies such as for example apps with Augmented Reality or other
technologies. The goal is to present these pearls online, as well as locally and in public places such as libraries where activities relating to the stories around these pearls can be done.

The aim of this project is to ideate and develop an overarching narrative or coherent experience around these pearls, with examples of what the role of the individual pearls in it could be and how they could be presented. The target group is primarily the inhabitants of Drenthe, especially elderly citizens and families with children. The project is done in collaboration with DNK Assen (library, theatre and cinema) and Biblionet Drenthe,
in a collaboration of the National Library (KB) with TU Delft.