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How is the vitamin and mineral status in your body? The majority of people are unaware of their nutritional status. However, inadequate vitamin and mineral status may cause negative health consequences. How can we facilitate society to test their nutritional status and make more healthy food choices according to their own nutritional needs?

This project explores how a supermarket can facilitate precision nutrition for its customers. Precision nutrition is tailored to the specific individual nutritional needs of the customer. Expect to receive recipes, discounts and order lists tailored to your own nutritional needs. This project contributes to preventive healthcare and facilitates society to take ownership of their own lifestyle and health.

In this project, we try to answer questions like: What is the value of offering a personalized nutrition service for Jumbo and its customers? What business model can be developed around this service? And what opportunities arise with the emergence of vitamin and mineral point-of-care self-tests?



Project coaches: Marina Bos-De Vos and Dirk Snelders

Partner: Jumbo