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About the Project

My graduation project is about redesigning the way elite athletes interact with their menstrual cycle. In the world of top sports, much research is being done on how athletes should exercise, eat and recover. But still, a crucial aspect of women’s health is often overlooked and not considered: the impact of the menstrual cycle on athletic performance and health. Therefore I am exploring during my graduation project the effect the menstrual cycle has on the physical and mental wellbeing of Dutch rowers. My goal is to design a solution that breaks the taboo and takes the female differences in the rowers trainings routines into account.

Redesigning the way elite athletes interact with their menstrual cycle


My motivation for the project is to bring attention to a crucial issue that needs more awareness. Our society often overlooks the experiences and needs of half of the population by designing primarily for and by men. Through my graduation project, I aim to make a small impact and challenge these biases.

About Alina

Hey! I am Alina a Design for Interaction Master student currently working on my graduation project. I am curious about data feminism and the effect design has on human behavior. I believe we as designers can make an impact by opening up conversations and allowing different stakeholders to participate in the design process.


Project team

Alina Wundsam
MSc Alejandra Gomez Ortega and Dr. Nazli Cila