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Project Summary

Envision developed an iOS and Android app ( that helps visually impaired people to read texts and recognize objects, people and colour around them by using the camera of their smartphone. Envision is looking for new possibilities and use cases in how their technology can be used for blind and visually impaired people (VIPs). A graduation student is now looking into such new use cases.

The main goal of the graduation research is to discover new use cases of Artificial Intelligence focusing on visually impaired, but mainly blind, people. These use cases can be daily tasks that blind people struggle with and can be solved or improved upon by using AI. In social terms, the opportunities lay in designing for inclusivity and diversity. These two terms are about creating equal opportunities for everyone: not only regarding race and gender, but especially regarding people with disabilities. In terms of the technology, the opportunities lay in finding meaningful use cases of Artificial Intelligence. AI can imitate human tasks, giving more independence to everyone, which is at this moment already highly beneficial for blind people. Therefore, there is huge potential in exploring use cases of AI that can benefit and improve the life of blind people, learn from this experiences and project it on other target audiences

The results of the graduation project will provide Envision with a new use case, and Visio and the Inclusive Design Lab stakeholders with insights into the issues and opportunities in design for this target group and in this field. Visio wants to ensure such insights can be made shareable across the field and transferred to future projects. Via knowledge sharing, events and publications, the body of knowledge on Inclusive Design is increased and solutions are promoted. 

Please find here graduation student Ferkan Metin’s project result: Ferkan’s contribution was to design the app’s screens and the Envision glasses’ auditory user guidance.