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Chronic diseases often come together. A coexisting disease, also known as a comorbidity, drastically decreases the quality of life and can result in further health decline, as they come unnoticed and untreated.
The project proposes a self-monitoring solution which enables patients to monitor their risk of complications and comorbidity by using a home-use stethoscope and a smartphone application. The smartphone application visually demonstrates the near future risk of complications and gives patient tailored action points to reduce this risk. It aims to engage and empower patients in the ambiguity of risk management by providing insights on the whys and how’s of preventative self-management strategies which apply to their situation.

More info about the project can be found here

Name: Saskia Mosterman
Partners: Philips, Hartstichting
Mentors: Maaike Kleinsmann, Armagan Albayrak
Master: Integrated Product Design

CardioLab Graduate