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Designing the experience of the future Mobipunten in a connected city

This graduation project is about (re)designing mobility hubs called Mobipunten. The graduation project is part of the Delft Design Lab Cities of Things, and in collaboration with/for Advier. Mobipunten are mobility hubs that offer a wide variety of mobility options to travellers, such as (shared) cars, public transport, and bike parking among others.

The goal of a Mobipunt is to facilitate and promote multi-modal travelling. Multi-modal travelling or commuting involves using more that one modality (bike, car, train, feet.. etc). This form of travelling has many benefits for the individual, the community and society at large. With the rise of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) concepts, Connected Cities, and the sharing economy, Mobipunten can play a role in the future of mobility. A user-centred design approach is needed for the design of the Mobipunt. An important part of Mobility-as-a-Service is the digital service for planning and booking trips. Mobipunten can play a role as a physical representation of these services. The Dutch government is already developing the next iteration on the use of Mobility as a Service. How can a Mobipunt optimally offer and promote multi-modal travel in the future? The knowledge about and for Mobipunten is with Advier. Advier advises and coaches companies, governments or non-profits about human-centered mobility. They do research and set up initiatives to promote and realize human-centered mobility solutions. They are currently learning about Mobipunten in Belgium and Germany, where several mobipunten have been realized. Some of these just consist of a public display, some contain a public display as well as recognizable parking spaces, etc. Local or regional government can choose to initiate a Mobipunt(en) in their region. The Mobipunten-project is a collaboration with the European SHARE-North Project. The Interreg North Sea Region Project “SHARE-North” includes activities for developing, implementing, promoting and assessing car sharing, bike sharing, ride sharing and other forms of shared mobility in urban and rural areas and employment clusters

This graduation project will involve a research in future changes in mobility and Connected Cities as well as researching and making an inventory of the existing Mobipunten and/or other existing mobility hubs (case studies). This research will inform a conceptual design of a future Mobipunt. Part of this design should be worked out in further detail and evaluated with users in context.