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In 2015, the Dutch National Police commissioned new facilities for identity registration of suspects and aliens nationally. Throughout the years, expensive repetitive defects, a non-futureproof design and rapid changes in technology and international regulations, made the facility out of date. Therefore the Police contacted the TU Delft for a new future-proof, reliable concept: the birth of this project.

After researching the current product and context, a new user interaction journey was developed. The participant and the product were envisioned to become more involved in the process. It was chosen to create an ‘unjudged experience’ for the participant.

The new concept “the Main Appliance for Identification” consists of a seating for the participant and a base for all components. With the modular design, components can be interchanged easily for repair or upgrades to new versions. Both users receive an interface, which results in transparency and clarity for the participant and a feeling of control and ownership for the operator.

The Police is planning to continue with the development of this concept.