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Project introduction and background information

We define “Entrepreneurial Engineering” as the practice of innovating technology embedded in a context that is transdisciplinary, complex, and uncertain. Educating the entrepreneurial engineer requires new approaches that employ this definition. Our core assumption is that engineering discipline educators are the change agents for the transformation of engineering education into entrepreneurial engineering education.

Train the Trainer program in Entrepreneurial Engineering  creates a learning hub for engineering lecturers who are interested in bringing entrepreneurship and innovation theory and knowledge into their regular engineering courses. The learning hub includes theory-based sessions, online modules, workshops, coaching for course/module design, and a special interest group for entrepreneurial engineering lecturers.

Objective and expected outcomes

Our spesific objectives are:

•Enhancing the knowledge about the theory and practice of entrepreneurial engineering through design research.

•Contributing to the lecturers’ professional development through «entrepreneurial engineering» education lens.

•Encouraging the transformation of engineering courses with incremental changes.

•Creating a community of practice to share and reflect on experience.

Results and learnings

We started the first round of theory sessions with interested participants in Q3 2023. We will also host several workshops, and start our SIG soon. If you would like to learn more about the project, please contact us.

Practical outcomes

  • Are you a faculty member at 4TUs in Science, Engineering and Business/Economics disciplines on at least 0.5 FTE with a teaching responsibility in your job description? Then you can participate in our survey, we appreciate it: Identity and Mission Survey (
  • Please see “The Entrepreneurial Engineer” newsletter edited by our Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Ufuk Gür on Linkedin: LinkedIn