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About the Project

Sustainable food is relatively new in the spectrum of ultra-processed food products, with great growth potential. The mentioned challenges, however, add obstacles to effectively communicating its unique food identities and values. As this category is less effective at communicating food attributes and can improve on establishing stronger connections with consumers, this project focuses on communicating the properties of ultra-processed sustainable food through multisensory packaging design as an opportunity to enhance the consumer experience in a future context.

During the explorations, concept development is based on deconstructed food-related messages (e.g., food textures, tastes, associations, and values) and transforming them into design elements (e.g., packaging materials, patterns, structures, and shapes) that can be conveyed effectively through sensory stimulations. Care is taken along the interactive process to maintain harmonies, intuitiveness, and other key qualities for a holistic experience. The final packaging designs apply to a meat alternative and a dairy alternative product. The innovative transformations in the packaging design enable consumers to uncover food messages through various sensory modalities. Moreover, the concept showcases the distinct values of sustainable food. The final multisensory packaging concepts utilize design elements to deliver the main message in a cohesive, meaningful, and immersive way.


Project team

Shicheng Huo
Dr. Rick Schifferstein and Dr. Gijs Huisman
Silje Dehli