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‘Meer’ is a twofold digital application that creates an ecosystem both for chronic patients and GPs, including a shared view to use during consultations. Four different functionalities of the ecosystem are designed to overcome the four hurdles: 1. With ‘Meer’, chronic patients and GPs can explore the possibilities of devices and trackers to generate personal data by being exposed with a set of validated apps. 2. ‘Meer’ generates a better overview of the patient’s health data for GPs and patients by collecting all the personal data in one application that is easily accessible. 3. More frequent contact with chronic patients is established digitally. This results in the opportunity for GPs to validate new issues more often. 4. ‘Meer’ enables chronic patients to support GPs by generating the right personal data at the right time.

More info about the project can be found here

Name: Olivier van Hattem
Collaborators: Deloitte
Mentors: Maaike Kleinsmann, Giulia Calabretta, Shauna Jin
Master: Strategic Product Design

CardioLab Related Graduate