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A changing region

Within the Metropole Region of Rotterdam-Den Haag (MRDH) we face a changing world. The region has to respond to the necessity for recycling, a changing climate, digitalization and automatization. This leads to increasingly complex challenges, that require interdisciplinary collaborations and the integration of local and global perspectives to solve them. The MRDH is highly ambitious in its plans for the future; in the Roadmap Next Economy it maps out a collective route towards an inclusive society, entrepreneurial climate and a circular economy. With multiple universities and many innovative partners at its side, the ideas on how to tackle certain problems are certainly present. However, it is not always said how local people can benefit and participate in these plans.

The Inclusive City Hub tackles just that. Within cases around a specific area in the region and its challenges, graduation students work on projects that explore transitions in an integrated way, connected to local interests.

Individual projects, interdisciplinary collaborations

As a student in the Inclusive City Hub you graduate at your own faculty with your own tutors, but next to that take part in the interdisciplinary team:

  • Join meet-ups with professionals and stakeholders from practice
  • Meet every two weeks with students from other studies, exchanging knowledge and ideas on the same case
  • Get the possibility to contact researchers and academics from three universities
  • Get inspired by lectures and events
  • Contribute to a circular and inclusive future of cities

Location & Events

The Inclusive City Hub is based in the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam, next to Rotterdam Central Station. As a student in the hub, you have access to the facilities of the Kleinhandel and are free to also meet and work here outside of the monthly get-togethers.

Four times a year, the hub organizes a larger event for which we broadly invite people interested in the challenges of the region. Both students and professionals get the chance to speak and share their insights.