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Did you know?

… on July 9, Eva Taylor Parkins graduated on a Roadmap towards a passenger-oriented public transport tariff system. Curious about the roadmap and the cardset she designed? Send us a message or read more about her project here.

… during the past months, our weekly lab meetings continued, only now via Zoom. During these Zoom sessions we keep each other updated on our projects and exchange tips how to conduct design research with the new limitations of COVID-19. An example of a new digital way for creative sessions, the use of the tool Miro. In the image below you can see one of the creative sessions with the members of the Seamless Personal Mobility Lab.

… and on July 21st we saw each other in person with a team picknick!

… we have our own Youtube channel: here you can view the concept video of Jelmer’s project about future mobility hubs. Subscribe to stay updated when new videos are added!

… we welcome 5 new students to the Team that will be starting this summer: Aniek, Amber, Evita, Rosa and Laura. They will be working on different topics, from Mobility as a Service to international train travel and the integration of self-driving shared vehicles in the public infrastructure. Welcome on board!