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The development of research and education on the use of data in design is very active at IDE, from the Data-Centric Design lab to the data and AI-related courses throughout the curriculum. Yet, the effective and responsible use of data in design remains challenging as the tools fail to fit the design practitioners’ literacy and goals. IDE is teaming up with TU/e Industrial Design to scale up the use of DataFoundry, a digital platform that supports data use throughout the design process. It is a unique opportunity to enable all IDE students to easily collect and analyze data during their design projects.


In this project, you will explore the opportunities for the IDE faculty to use the DataFoundry as a common data tool to conduct research and educate future design practitioners at Bachelor’s and Master’s level. You will design a strategy to best leverage this tool as a way to nurture the data and design community across research and education.


You are passionate about the development of digital technologies and their use to support human-centered, data-centric design processes. You are looking for a graduation project focusing on research with a strong contribution to the Delft design community.

Lab co-director
Jacky Bourgeois