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The healthcare sector faces escalating pressure due to its current inefficient practices in digital information exchange. The Integral Care Agreement (IZA) from the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport (VWS) and overarching healthcare organizations is focused on creating a future-proof healthcare system. The Wegiz, introduced within the IZA, outlines standards for electronic data exchange among healthcare providers, with the focus on the Basic Dataset for Care (BgZ). However, the implementation of BgZ faces challenges, as insight in the influencing factors and facilitating interventions are limited.

The study emphasizes the need to involve healthcare professionals, starting with the first step of engaging physicians in the change process. To address this, a serious game has been developed with the primary goal of raising awareness about the urgency of BgZ implementation and encouraging active participation and collaboration by provide positive experiences of the opportunities the BgZ includes. The game, evaluated through sessions with the target audience, has proven to be an effective intervention, achieving its set objectives.

More info about the project can be found here

Author: Lisa Kroon
Partners: Reinier de Graaf Hospital, Ministry of Health, Welfare & sport
Contributor: Albayrak, A., Jansen, A.J., Kok, P., Grootswagers, B.
Programme: Integrated Product Design l Medisign