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My graduation research focuses on utilizing couple-related social interaction data to assess psychological well-being in remote monitoring. Current methods often lack a nuanced understanding of interpersonal dynamics within the psychosocial environment that significantly influence mental health. Furthermore, these methods typically require active patient involvement, often within hospital settings, which can introduce biases and strain healthcare systems.

To address these issues, I will employ a data-enabled design approach. This involves analyzing couples’ social interaction data alongside them to gain deeper insights into dyadic coping, crucial for accurate and holistic well-being assessments. My aim is to develop a novel strategy for monitoring psychological well-being in colorectal cancer survivors, emphasizing the relational aspects of mental health often overlooked by traditional individual-focused approaches.

Redefining Measurement

My motivation stems from designing healthcare interventions that consider not just the patient but also their context as a vital source of support and information. By integrating the patient’s psychosocial environment, these interventions can be tailored to fit seamlessly into their unique context, thereby enhancing effectiveness and relevance. The challenge lies in interpreting monitoring outcomes by effectively contextualizing data in collaboration with the target group to understand the link between couple-related social interaction and mental well-being.

About Britt

Hello! I’m Britt, a Design for Interaction Master’s student with a passion for improving healthcare. Over the past few years, my experience as an army reserve with ‘Defensity College’ and the stories from my colleagues highlighted the importance of mental well-being, and the beneficial effect of effective relationships in coping with stressors; especially PTSD. This inspired me to design particularly for mental health and recovery from mental health disorders.

As a designer, I feel responsible for integrating technology in people’s life to improve the quality of life. Moreover, I believe that a data-enabled approach supports healthcare professionals to understand their patients better and provide more personalized care.

Britt van der Rijt