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A pair of smart glasses that aim to replace the communication devices of today’s hospitals. It works by providing the user with a heads up display, which allows it to deliver alarms to only the person who needs it, going unnoticed by everyone else.

A simple add on for hospital speakers that mutes alarm sounds, can be changed of shape and stuck onto speakers. HUSH is made of sound dampening putty that is reusable and sticky and cleanable.

a smart glass for nurses that provides quicker access to information, transmitting any
device sound only to the responsible nurse – to reduce the noise in ICU’s. Quicker and mobile access to information prevents stress, facilitates work-flow and enables nurses to spend more valuable time at the patient’s bedside.

The UNNO can be placed around the patient’s head, to absorb and reflect, incoming noises which are normally received by the patients. Whereas they actually need the
most careful environment to gain fast recovery a protection device is therefore desirable.

Pager Tracking System
By tracking the pager of the nurse responsible for a patient, the alarm system can decide
to which alarm location to send the alarm. Through this, unnecessary alarm exposure
will be limited.

A handheld device that informs patients about events within the ICU. The device is connected to an armband attached to the upper arm of the nurse. Depending on physical
and cognitive capabilities of the patient, the device informs patients when a nurse took notice of an event and gives an indication about the estimated time of arrival of help by giving either vibration or light signals.

ICU Planner
A clock that serves as a communication tool for all users at the ICU, thus the caregiver, family and patient.

A sleep monitoring system that targets on reducing unnecessary disturbances from patient-caregiver interactions via showing the patient’s’ sleeping or resting status.