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Student Opportunities

Delft Design Labs offer multiple opportunities for student participation. Examples are bachelor and master thesis projects, internships, group projects, and (PhD) research projects.

The Labs provide ambitious students the opportunity to collaborate with significant stakeholders in projects that generate both design innovations and generalizable knowledge. Whether you’re interested in museums, food, or cardiology (or any of the other themes), the related Labs function as hubs for professionals with a shared theme-based interest.

Students who are affiliated to a Delft Design Lab, become members of extensive international networks. This can contribute to your professional development and provide a career springboard. In short, joining a Delft Design Lab community has the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to collaborate with top researchers
  • Freedom in formulating academic project goals
  • Access to multiple companies and/or stakeholders
  • Ability to contribute to projects with societal impact
  • Participation in a creative hotspot with pioneering dynamics
  • Membership of a post-graduate network